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High survival rate

At THE BLACK Hair Transplant Network, we care about the high survival rate of the transplanted hair. Our meticulous process, highly skilled surgeons and surgical team, combined with the FUT method of hair transplant that we perform, we always achieve and guarantee a high survival rate of the transplanted hair. We normally achieve 95% survival rate.

Natural design

One's hair style is determined by many factors such as the height of forehead, facial shape, and the bony structure. When planning each surgery, we at THE BLACK Hair Transplant Network always take those into consideration, as well as other important factors such as the thickness of hair, hairline design, direction and angulation of the implanted hair, and overall placement of the hair.
custom fit surgery design
facial proportions considered from all angles
fine hairs and curl considered
facial structure considered
hair thickness, color, growth direction considered

Minimal scarring

Each surgery is specifically tailored to each patient’s hair loss condition, and our skilled and experienced surgeons perform all procedures with the outmost precision.
These factors guarantee minimal scarring and give patients a peace of mind that they will not have to worry about their scars being visible post-surgery.


At THE BLACK Hair Transplant Network, we offer a hair replacement warranty.
If a patient experiences below 80% hair survival rate or obvious lack of hair on important areas, we will replace them with no additional cost for the patient.
In our experience, such replacement has seldom been necessary. The hair replacement warranty can only be performed, provided that all of the following terms and conditions are met:
A minimum of twelve months has passed since your procedure was performed by one of THE BLACK Hair Transplant Network’s surgeons, at one of our branches.
Following the procedure, you did not have another surgical hair restoration procedure performed by any surgeon other than a surgeon from THE BLACK Hair Transplant Network. Further, you have not received or have been undergoing any aesthetic and/or medical treatment that can adversely affect hair growth;
You have complied with and followed all post-operative care instructions and other medical recommendations made by THE BLACK Hair Transplant Network surgeon, and attended all of your post-operative follow-up treatments and consultations at one of THE BLACK Hair Transplant Network’s branches;
THE BLACK Hair Transplant surgeon has assessed the growth of your transplanted hair and has determined the number of hairs to be replaced at no cost to you; and You have not been determined ineligible for a subsequent procedure by THE BLACK Hair Transplant surgeon for any medical reason (including, but not limited to, failure to disclose relevant medical history and information, inadequacy of donor area, lack of elasticity of scalp tissue, appearance of a new medical condition, etc.).
The final decision regarding your medical eligibility for treatment will be made by THE BLACK Hair Transplant surgeon in accordance with his or her medical judgment.
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    15 + Years
    of Experience

    Surgeons at THE BLACK Hair Transplant Network are qualified hair transplant surgeons and have successfully achieved great outcome with very high customer satisfaction for over 15 years.
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    THE BLACK Hair Transplant Network has treated customers from all over the world. We have received a customer’s satisfaction award for 4 consecutive years as the most preferred hair transplant clinic in South Korea.
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    your surgery

    Plan the date and make an appointment with one of our consultants. Email a copy of your flight itinerary to info theblackhair1@gmail.com, and we will confirm your appointment with us.

Patient Timelines

hair transplant in korea
During the consultation, your present hair loss condition and the scalp condition are checked, and the relevant transplant process and the expected results are discussed.
Day of surgery
It is recommended that you wash their hair and have a light breakfast in the morning prior to coming to our clinic. Before the surgery begins, your doctor will briefly review your previously discussed goals and expectations. After local anaesthesia is administered, the hair transplant procedure is performed by our experienced surgeon and medical team. You will not feel any pain during the surgery.
One day after surgery
hair transplant in korea
When you come back the next day, we will carefully wash your hair and dress the stitches.

Patients's review

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Seoul(Gangnam) Branch

Business hours
Mon - Fri: 9:30 am - 6:30 pm
Sat: 9:30 am - 3:30 pm
Sun: Closed
Public holidays: Closed
584 (Nonhyeon-dong 18-4) Unsan Building, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.
[Sinsa Station exit #2]

Daegu Branch

Business hours
Mon, Wed: 08:00 am - 20:00 pm
Tues, Thurs, Fri: 09:00 am - 18:00 pm
Sat: 08:00 am - 18:00 pm
Sun: Closed / Public holidays: Closed
SH Tower, 3-4th Floor, 2118, Dalgubeol – daero, Jung-gu, Daegu.
[Banweoldang Station exit #7]
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