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    My life has changed since that day

    I am Luca,

    What's up guys?! :)
    I had been having trouble with my hair since I was in high school and this issue caused my really many troubles, especially in terms of self-confidence.

    Approximately 3 years ago I stepped into the advertisement of the doctor's Lee clinic and, even though I thought to be a lost cause, I decided to make an appointment and go to the clinic. Well, to be honest, my life has changed since that day. The doctor, as well as all the staff, are the best. Not only in terms of professionality but also for their ability to make you feel comfortable and understood. After some hesitations, I decided to get my hair transplant and, before the surgery, I was a little scared but, to be honest, although the surgery took quite a lot of time, it's not painful at all and both surgeon and nurses are quite funny, thus I also had a quite nice time chatting with them during the surgery. As I mentioned before, thanks to doctor Lee, my life has really changed and now my self-confidence is fully restored.

    If you are having the same problem I had, I strongly suggest you make an appointment and get a consultation, you are not going to regret it.
    One of the things I appreciated most in the clinic is that one of the staff speaks both English and Korean very fluently and is able to give a real-time translation of what the doctor or the nurses are saying. Although I have been living in Korea for quite some time and I do speak decent Korean, this has been really helpful for the case of complicated medical terms.

    To wraps it up, I really what to thank doctor Lee and his staff for their wonderful job on my hair. I thought there was no hope left for hair, they have shown to that I was wrong :)  

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    The clinic helped me out a lot every step of the way

    I am Dylan.

    I have a condition named 'ulerythema ophryogenes' which causes hair loss and redness in the eyebrow area. I have done microblading (semi-permanent tattoo) before but it did not meet my expectations, it fades too much too quickly and doesn't leave the desired result of natural-looking eyebrows. This is why I decided to look into eyebrow transplants. When searching online I found a lot of patients who got their eyebrows implanted but for me, it did not look that natural. So I decided to look for the best possible results and came across Dr Lee.

    I contacted the clinic trough Kakaotalk and explained them my issue and added photos. They replied very fast and instructed me about the FUT and FUE options and further information. Then I decided to make an appointment with them at the clinic, and within a week I met up with Dr Lee.

    When I explained to him about my condition, he had to look it up online because this condition is far from common and he has never heard about it before. He found some information which looked a lot like another skin disorder that causes inflammation in the eyebrow area. In that case hairs would fall out after implanting. Then he told me he is not going to treat me because he feared the same would happen.

    I went home, disappointed and relieved to know I've tried everything. But then I felt like I didn't want to give up just yet. I spent a day trying to find success stories about my condition and eyebrow transplants. Trough google I came across Dr Marc Dauer who has treated patients with this condition. He wrote reviews about these patients and how eyebrow transplants were possible with this rare condition.

    After collecting multiple pictures and backup information on my findings I sent it to the clinic. Dr Lee reviewed them and told me it appeared to be possible and would gladly treat me. So I made another appointment for a check and then we picked a transplant date. They told me I can get a free re-do if I'm not completely happy with the results the following year.

    The transplant itself was do-able, of course not the most fun experience. The injections in the eyebrows to numb them were quite painful. Overall the transplant was done very quickly. After the surgery, the staff helped me to get some aftercare stuff at the pharmacy and helped me get a cab.

    I want to say 'thank you' to Dr lee and the staff. The clinic helped me out a lot every step of the way when I had questions or anything I always got help right away. Even when I left Korea and had trouble getting a tax refund of the surgery she did her best to help me every step of the way. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a refund but that was more so the fault of the tax people.

    It's around 8 months later now and the results are awesome. It looks very natural, no doubt Dr Lee is best at what he does. To my surprise, I received a message from the clinic yesterday asking how I'm doing and if I'm happy with the results. They also told me I can come to visit them for a check-up anytime.

    Conclusion: If you want to get an eyebrow transplant. Dr Lee is probably going to be your best option. And to people with my condition: The transplant is indeed possible. Good luck!  

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    Have been quite pleased with the results and the aftercare


    "Have been quite pleased with the results and the aftercare"


    I am Gary Norris, I highly recommend Dr Shin-Je Lee if you are considering a hair transplant procedure. I have had two surgeries(FUT/ strip procedure) by him and have been quite pleased with the results and the aftercare. I am quite nervous about going under the knife, but both times Dr Lee and his staff were very accommodating and explained what would happen next. Also, there is an English speaking liaison that will communicate any concerns or questions you might have.  

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    I'm happy with the new shape of my hairline and eyebrow


    "I'm happy with the new shape of my hairline and eyebrow"


    I am Joseph,

    Anyone, who are looking for Hair Transplant Clinic?

    I recommended "The Black Hair Clinic" with Dr Shin Je-Lee, I have (FUT) 4000 hairs to my hairline and (FUT) 500 grafts to my eyebrow. I'm satisfied with the result. I'm happy with the new shape of my hairline and eyebrow.

    This clinic has friendly and skilled staff that will help to solve your hair problems. Keep it up, more powers to your team.  

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    Review from Christoph

    " It’s been over a month now and I am already so happy with how everything is looking "


    "I was a bit of a sceptic initially about the likeliness of success and how natural things would look, but now am definitely a believe as long as you have the right people doing the work – such as Dr Lee! I had a FUT hair transplant procedure with Dr Lee in early January 2019.

    From the moment I walked into the clinic, I felt very welcomed by Hong whom I had been communicating with via KakoTalk. She spoke perfect English, answered all my queries quickly and very efficiently. He wasn’t pushy at all, and really cared about you as a person and not just another client, unlike some other clinics I had contact with. 

    I then met with Dr Lee who was to undertake my procedure (if I chose to go ahead), and I was also very impressed with how welcoming he was - it's so good to meet the actual surgeon (beware of ghosting from other clinics). He also had a good grasp of English. Answered all my questions, gave me a lot of additional information, and gave me real confidence that he cared about his work. For him, the work he does and the successful results which make the client happy, are the true rewards. I had no doubt that if I was going to do this, I wanted Dr Lee as my surgeon. 

    The procedure, whilst quite time consuming (about 6 hours from arrival to finish), actually seemed to go pretty fast. Dr Lee and I chatted throughout, I was able to play with my iPhone (Netflix, text, etc.), close my eyes for a while (I almost fell asleep a few times) – and we even had a couple of food and toilet breaks. I was provided with a light lunch which I didn’t expect at all. Even the nurses were very pleasant and supportive to ensure I felt comfortable and at ease. The only uncomfortable part was the needle injections to numb the scalp, but Dr Lee ensured it was done with the least discomfort possible. 

    Once the procedure was over, Dr Lee said he was very pleased with how things had gone and genuinely seemed extremely pleased with his work (he honestly takes pride in what he does). I was given post-surgery care instructions, booked for my next appointment to remove stitches, and general check-up – as well as advised to ask any questions, any time I needed it.

    I had two more appointments. One to wash my hair and check all was okay, and another to remove stitches and again all was on track. I was given some special shampoo to help with the hair healing and growth, personalised advice and direction for care going forward, and have been able to still contact if I wanted to (I haven’t needed to at all since all is going per what I was advised).

    All the staff at the clinic are definitely there to provide the best care possible for the patients. They all make you feel welcomed and supported. Whether it was Hong who was my main point of contact for all enquiries and arrangements, her manager, the nurses, or Dr Lee. Having a surgeon who makes you feel comfortable and does an amazing job is great, but having a full support team who have the same care is amazing. 

    It’s been over a month now and I am already so happy with how everything is looking. The scar from the donor area has healed very well and hair around it regrown so you can’t even see it. The implant area is already showing some growth and I actually feel it’s looking even better than what I had expected post 1 month. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my surgery, and I really do put it all down to Dr Lee and the entire team who work with him and support him. 

    And again, a big thanks to Hong who was there also to give my wife and me some sightseeing tips whilst we stayed in South Korea to ensure we made the most of our trip."


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    The procedure was quite long, but the way the doctor carried…

    Dr shin-Je Lee, an amazingly talented Hair Transplantation Surgeon.

    I met Dr Lee two years ago, on a recommendation of one of my friends who already got his hair transplantation done from him. Dr Lee suggested me to go for hair transplantation on that day, but I was quite reluctant. Because I had too many concerns, doubts about the quality of the procedure and so forth. After that, I visited a few more clinics and doctors to get a better idea of the procedure. However, I found all these efforts useless, because no other doctor could make satisfy my concerns.

    Finally, I got my FUT transplantation last week. I got about 4500 grafts transplanted at a reasonable cost. The procedure was quite long, but the way the doctor carried out the whole procedure it was fantastic.

    I found Dr Lee an amazing surgeon. He knows what clients need. His excellence in his job, fluent English conversation while answering the queries related to the procedure and his friendly behaviour make him distinguished among his peers.

    Other staff members of the clinic, especially coordinator for international clients and members of the surgery team were very friendly and cooperative. I am cordially grateful to Dr Shin Jae Lee and his team for carrying out my best transplantation experience.
    I will highly recommend you to visit Dr Lee, not only for consultation but also for the transplantation procedure if you have decided to get. 


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    I really recommend this clinic

    After one year, the result is really unbelievable. I have the same hair cut as when I was younger. I really recommend this clinic. The doctor is really nice and the staff too.

  • 6

    I would highly recommend this clinic

    Medical Treatment


    I was very satisfied. The Dr. is very friendly and professional and explained exactly what was needed. The price was very reasonable. I would highly recommend this clinic.


  • 5

    I am already thrilled with the results

    I had an FUT procedure at the Black Clinic with Dr. Shin-Je Lee. I was a 5 on the Norwood scale and received 2,400 grafts into the recipient area. My hair was thinning very quickly which I tried to compensate with longer hair to cover the area but wind, sweat basically resulted in my scalp being very visible.


    The experience from beginning to end with Dr. Lee was excellent and I am already thrilled with the results.


    Dr. Lee was always extremely responsive to my emails and questions and I can see why he received such a high rating on the WhatClinic website.


    I had one procedure previously in China, and the difference in skill set was enormous. Instead of taking the strip directly from the back of the head, Dr. Lee took the strip working from the side of the head to the back which increased the strip length and as such the number of donor grafts. This technique also allows for a further strip to be taken from the other side in the future should I decide I want increased density. Taking the hair from the side meant I was not moving into the danger zone where eventual thinning could show a transplant scar so already a step above my previous experience in China.


    In China the incision and closing were performed by the doctor, however, the implants were placed by the staff. Dr. Lee, on the other hand, placed all the grafts during my procedure and again the difference is remarkable and is not simply putting hair anywhere per my experience in China. Dr. Lee demonstrated care in the placement of hairs which will ultimately result in the best aesthetic. When I say placement, I mean single hairs being placed towards the hairline whilst double and triple hairs placed further back to create eventual density, and I think it is this understanding and attention to detail that will create the result I am hoping for.


    Immediately after the surgery the recipient area was not too noticeable, and although there were blood spots these too were not bad and as such I was back to work on the Tuesday after a Friday surgery and would say not many people would have noticed, The area since (within 10 days) is now completely clean with no visible signs of the procedure, so really happy.


    Should I have another procedure I will definitely choose Dr. Lee and the team at the Black Clinic, and want to thank you so much for your support and work.​ 

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    I highly recommend

    I am Tebbie, from Kuala Lumpur and further study in Seoul. I have been suffered serious hair loss and bold problem for 14 years. I had tried many treatments in my country and all not working on me. After 6 months stayed in Seoul, my friend encouraged me look for hair specialist, so I found Dr Momo Clinic through website, I pray that it can work on me as other people successful cases.


    First visit, I had very pleasant conversation with Dr Lee for more than 1 hour. He interviewed me to get know my hair loss history; also he answered all my questions by images and very good command in English. He is very friendly and understanding to my situation. He explained the procedures very detail, so I can imagine how it going on and preparing my mindset for it. Without hesitation, I get the hair transplant surgery at the following day.


    Next day, I came with excited mode, I not worry about pain but I am looking forward my dream would come true in short time. During surgery, Dr Lee and his team very professional and skilful, we had very happy conversation and I can watch TV program even took nap along the transplant procedures. During the surgery, there’s some people came for consultation and post-operation treatment. This clinic is visited by many local people, so it is very good (as a foreigner’s view).


    The following day, I came again the clinic for removed the bandage and the nurse shampoo my hair. Then at the day-10, I came again for stitches removal. Dr Lee always answered my question very patiently, I learn a lot from his knowledge sharing. I have high confidence on his expertise and skills as he furthers his post-doctoral. research for 5 years in USA in this field. In short, I highly recommend Dr Lee to every one of you. All is my true story. Thanks​ 

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