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The procedure was quite long, but the way the doctor carried out the p…

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작성자 관리자 작성일18-07-25 10:23 조회998회 댓글0건


Dr shin-Je Lee, an amazingly talented Hair Transplantation Surgeon.

I met Dr Lee two years ago, on a recommendation of one of my friends who already got his hair transplantation done from him. Dr Lee suggested me to go for hair transplantation on that day, but I was quite reluctant. Because I had too many concerns, doubts about the quality of the procedure and so forth. After that, I visited a few more clinics and doctors to get a better idea of the procedure. However, I found all these efforts useless, because no other doctor could make satisfy my concerns.

Finally, I got my FUT transplantation last week. I got about 4500 grafts transplanted at a reasonable cost. The procedure was quite long, but the way the doctor carried out the whole procedure it was fantastic.

I found Dr Lee an amazing surgeon. He knows what clients need. His excellence in his job, fluent English conversation while answering the queries related to the procedure and his friendly behaviour make him distinguished among his peers.

Other staff members of the clinic, especially coordinator for international clients and members of the surgery team were very friendly and cooperative. I am cordially grateful to Dr Shin Jae Lee and his team for carrying out my best transplantation experience.
I will highly recommend you to visit Dr Lee, not only for consultation but also for the transplantation procedure if you have decided to get. 



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