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Review from Christoph

페이지 정보

작성자 관리자 작성일19-02-25 15:29 조회770회 댓글0건


" It’s been over a month now and I am already so happy with how everything is looking "


"I was a bit of a sceptic initially about the likeliness of success and how natural things would look, but now am definitely a believe as long as you have the right people doing the work – such as Dr Lee! I had a FUT hair transplant procedure with Dr Lee in early January 2019.

From the moment I walked into the clinic, I felt very welcomed by Hong whom I had been communicating with via KakoTalk. She spoke perfect English, answered all my queries quickly and very efficiently. He wasn’t pushy at all, and really cared about you as a person and not just another client, unlike some other clinics I had contact with. 

I then met with Dr Lee who was to undertake my procedure (if I chose to go ahead), and I was also very impressed with how welcoming he was - it's so good to meet the actual surgeon (beware of ghosting from other clinics). He also had a good grasp of English. Answered all my questions, gave me a lot of additional information, and gave me real confidence that he cared about his work. For him, the work he does and the successful results which make the client happy, are the true rewards. I had no doubt that if I was going to do this, I wanted Dr Lee as my surgeon. 

The procedure, whilst quite time consuming (about 6 hours from arrival to finish), actually seemed to go pretty fast. Dr Lee and I chatted throughout, I was able to play with my iPhone (Netflix, text, etc.), close my eyes for a while (I almost fell asleep a few times) – and we even had a couple of food and toilet breaks. I was provided with a light lunch which I didn’t expect at all. Even the nurses were very pleasant and supportive to ensure I felt comfortable and at ease. The only uncomfortable part was the needle injections to numb the scalp, but Dr Lee ensured it was done with the least discomfort possible. 

Once the procedure was over, Dr Lee said he was very pleased with how things had gone and genuinely seemed extremely pleased with his work (he honestly takes pride in what he does). I was given post-surgery care instructions, booked for my next appointment to remove stitches, and general check-up – as well as advised to ask any questions, any time I needed it.

I had two more appointments. One to wash my hair and check all was okay, and another to remove stitches and again all was on track. I was given some special shampoo to help with the hair healing and growth, personalised advice and direction for care going forward, and have been able to still contact if I wanted to (I haven’t needed to at all since all is going per what I was advised).

All the staff at the clinic are definitely there to provide the best care possible for the patients. They all make you feel welcomed and supported. Whether it was Hong who was my main point of contact for all enquiries and arrangements, her manager, the nurses, or Dr Lee. Having a surgeon who makes you feel comfortable and does an amazing job is great, but having a full support team who have the same care is amazing. 

It’s been over a month now and I am already so happy with how everything is looking. The scar from the donor area has healed very well and hair around it regrown so you can’t even see it. The implant area is already showing some growth and I actually feel it’s looking even better than what I had expected post 1 month. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my surgery, and I really do put it all down to Dr Lee and the entire team who work with him and support him. 

And again, a big thanks to Hong who was there also to give my wife and me some sightseeing tips whilst we stayed in South Korea to ensure we made the most of our trip."



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